Plant Design Services

2K Technologies (2K) is India’s premier source of technology, machinery and expertise for the building products sector.

Established in September 2000, the company has been given direction by two high caliber promoters who served India’s building products sector for more than 4 decades and presently have more than 45 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and developing of machinery for many building products. Having rose through the ranks from shift engineers to executive vice president levels before starting the company, the leadership 2K follows is indisputable.

Among their skills and achievements are several patents, high profile consulting assignments and involvement in R&D activities leading to proprietary processes and patented products that are currently being manufactured on a commercial scale in India and in the International market.

2K employs a team of highly experienced engineers who hail from the building products industry and bring extensive experience with them in areas ranging from design, manufacture, procurement, consulting and R&D who bring over 400 man years of experience from the building products industry to the company. We believe in offering high quality and low maintenance machinery and we strive for our customer’s satisfaction. 2K is well known for its after sales service and has a very good profile of satisfied and repeated customers.

We believe our customers are testimony to our accomplishments and in their progress lays our success!

What do we specialize in?

2K specializes in design, consulting and manufacturing of plant and equipment for Insulation and building products. Our key focus is on the following industries for Which turnkey plants can be offered?

  • arrow  Aerated Autoclaved Concrete Blocks & Panels (AAC Blocks) Plant and machinery
  • arrow  Corrugated and Flat Asbestos Cement Sheet plant machinery and Accessories
  • arrow  Non-Asbestos Flat Sheets for Interior/Exterior Application (Fiber Cement Board) machines
  • arrow  Fire Rated, Plain and Decorative Building Boards machinery
  • arrow  Asbestos and Non-Asbestos Sandwich Building Panels and Lightweight Concrete Panels machinery and technology
  • arrow  A.C. Molded Goods (Fittings like Ridges, Gutters, etc.) by Slurry Injection Molding machines
  • arrow  Sandwiched Solid Surface – Non Porous Homogenous Composite Surfacing Material machinery and technology
  • arrow  Calcium Silicate Insulation Blocks machinery and equipment
  • arrow  Calcium Silicate boards production line and process technology

Our services

2K with its competent and experienced work force has the following services to offer:

  • arrow  Complete Plant Design
  • arrow   Complete Process Design and Assistance
  • arrow  Troubleshooting
  • arrow  Process Automation
  • arrow  Waste Reduction
  • arrow  Product Value Addition
  • arrow  Production Optimization
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