Lightweight Concrete Sandwich Panel (LWCP) Plants

EPS sandwich panels can be used with the aim of achieving a low cost and quick solution for construction of dry walls. We see a shift in the market and many constructions changing from conventional red brick to dry wall construction using boards and sandwich panels. The EPS or aerated core sandwich panel is a typical replacement of a complete wall. The EPS sandwich panels have every advantage of a masonry wall with extra characteristics advantageous for end users. The EPS sandwich panel is a environmental friendly product, easy to install and is the perfect substitute to traditional walls and other dry walls.

There are many types in the market and the best and easy to use sandwich panels are the Aerated core sandwich panel and the EPS sandwich panel. Both these panels are made of fiber board and core material ( Fly ash, cement, EPS, aluminum) stuffed between the two boards. These EPS and aerated core sandwich panels are light weight, easy to construct and have excellent seismic properties. Initially these are aerated core sandwich panels were used in earthquake prone areas, military base camps and go downs. Today we see many applications in daily households where sandwich panels are being used. There are many machine manufacturers for sandwich panels in India but very few for EPS and aerated core panels made with fiber cement board or calcium silicate board. 2K specializes in offering process and machineries. 2K was responsible in offering the process technology for EPS sandwich panel production to Visaka with collaboration of an Australian company. 2K offers various capacity plants. 2K's machineries offered EPS panels for many overseas companies at a reasonable cost.

2K provides plant and technology to manufacture lightweight concrete sandwich panels according to the following choice/parameters

  • arrow  Aerated (Horizontal Filling) Core or Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Core
  • arrow  170 panels/day up to 600/1000 panels/day
  • arrow  Larger or smaller capacities can be offered if needed
  • arrow  Panel Sizes 3000 / 3300 x 600 x 50 / 75 / 100 / 150 mm
  • arrow  Other panel sizes / capacities can be offered
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