Calcium Silicate Board Plants

India is experiencing a tremendous shift in the construction industry. The traditional construction styles and themes are being replaced with dry wall construction. People are slowly inclining towards the 'Go Green' style of living. We find substitutes to almost everything. Calcium silicate boards are now being used as a substitute to wood and plaster boards. The market for calcium silicate board equipments is increasing and the number of applications where is particular product is being used is increasing by the day. We at 2K technologies specialize in providing the technology and equipment for non asbestos calcium silicate boards. This fine technology of silica and cement reinforced with fibers is being offered to many big players in the market. We supply the best quality machine to our clients and offer the best after sales service. Our machines are well known in the market and today we boast to have supplied our machinery to the biggest players in India and overseas. Few of our clients have increased from one production line to multiple lines. Today 2K is the only machine manufacturer and technology provider for multiple building products. Our in house patent gives us the edge over our competition and makes us stand out in the list of equipment suppliers for calcium silicate boards/ sheets. We have supplied and undertaken many turn key projects in India and overseas. We were instrumental in setting up the machinery and total equipment for the non asbestos calcium silicate plant of Ramco Industries. Ltd with process assistance from a reputed Japanese company.

Our Plants are available with following features/specifications

  • arrow  Standard Width & Double Width
  • arrow  Standard Length to Triple Length
  • arrow  Pressed / Un-pressed / Autoclaved / Air-Cured Sheets
  • arrow  3.5 to 20 mm Thickness Sheets/Boards
  • arrow  120 Tons/Day to 250 Tons/Day, or higher
  • arrow  Customized Plants
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