Fiber Cement Sheet Plants

Today we observe a tremendous growth in the fiber cement sheet market. This product is slowly substituting wood in almost every application. The fiber cement sheets have started to gain popularity in the 2006-07 period. After rigorous marketing and education about the product, customers have started to use these extensively. The initial decade was a challenge to many fiber cement sheet manufacturers and they focused mainly on exports to Middle East and south East Asian countries. Today we see a huge demand for the fiber cement sheets in India.

The fiber cement is a technology by itself and needs a high sophisticated machine along with experienced personnel to get the desired quality product. Many manufacturers are converting their asbestos cement sheet production lines to non asbestos corrugated fiber cement sheets or non asbestos flat sheets using very fine techniques. Many customers want asbestos free (non asbestos) fiber cements flat sheets or asbestos free fiber cement corrugated sheets for their applications. The main advantage with the fiber cement flat sheets is that it is water, fire and termite resistant and it’s a green building product.

2K technologies is a one stop, end to end and a turnkey solution for non asbestos fiber cement flat sheet machinery and for non asbestos fiber cement corrugated sheet machine. The promoters and the employees of 2K technologies have set up, worked and assisted many companies in setting up their fiber cement sheet plants. The company has vast experience in offering a high quality and low maintenance equipment for fiber cement sheet production lines. Many production lines that were supplied by 2K are still running at very high capacities in India and overseas. 2K specializes in air cured, autoclaved and pressed technology in the fiber cement boards or roofing sheet industry. 2K has supplied fiber cement sheet plant equipment to many big players in Indian and overseas industries. There will be many new fiber cement production lines in India in the next decade and 2K technologies is your destination for the fiber

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